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Resource Math Grades

February 18th, 2016 by

The third quarter ends on March 18. Please remember that students in my resource math class are permitted to retake any test or quiz to improve their scores. When students retake a test or quiz, the highest score earned is entered into the gradebook. Students are also permitted to do test/quiz corrections for half credit. These extra points are added to their original test or quiz score in the gradebook.

Many students struggled on the advanced equations and recent functions tests, and course grades are low as a result. Students who want to improve their grades should do corrections and/or retake these assessments. Students are welcome to make arrangements to go over the questions they missed with me after school. There are also video, game, and practice links on the math links page of my website and on the GoMath textbook website.

It is also essential that students complete homework when assigned. Homework is assigned to give students the opportunity to practice skills that are taught in class. Students earn points for completing their homework. It is not graded for accuracy. Students have the opportunity to correct their errors without penalty when we go over the homework in class. For the remainder of the quarter, students will be assigned working lunch when homework is not done.