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Missing Work, 4th Quarter Grades, and Math Final

May 6th, 2018 by

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and warmer weather has finally arrived. Despite these highly anticipated factors, homework is still being assigned; and grades are still being earned. A number of students have missing and incomplete work in math right now. Missing and incomplete assignments have a major impact on grades. Please encourage your child to complete and turn in all of his or her missing math work. Points will be earned even if the work is turned in late. Turning in missing and incomplete work will have an immediate positive impact on your teenager’s grade in math for the quarter.

Students will be taking an end-of-year exam in math this year. The test will cover all of the material that students have been taught this year. Students can use old tests and quizzes to review for the final. Reviewing skills previously completed in IXL would also be a good way to prepare for the final. There are also links to the topics in our Schoology course and on this website. The tentative date for the final is May 22.