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Welcome to my home page!

It is my hope that this website will be a helpful tool for you and your son or daughter throughout…

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Prepared for Class: The Super 6

September 4th, 2017 by Category: Important | Inclusion

Everyday you will need to bring the following items to class in order to be prepared for class. There should…

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IXL is an essential component of the 8th grade math curriculum this year. For each topic studied in class, students will be given an IXL module to-do list to complete. Each to-do list will be collected and graded when the unit test is taken. Practicing and mastering these skills on the IXL website will help prepare students for success in math class, on the Ohio math test, and in high school algebra next year. Students should be working on the lists for a short time every single day and not wait until the last minute, or the to-do list will be overwhelming. Data shows that IXL has a tremendous positive impact on student math achievement. It provides repetition of essential skills and concepts and also gives students access to kindergarten through calculus level math skills.